These extremely primitive recordings of uniquely poor quality are from cassettes recorded mostly off a computer and sampler. They date from the late 1990’s and no less represent a small portion of works with existing written scores which have never been performed by musicians with the exception of the added voice of the divine Catherine Hureu to the central song (…because, You’ve Been Bad) of my as yet not produced “punk-classical” opera “Stocks & Bonds” which is a spoof or “lampoon”, using a sort of fetish mindset, about Sex, Money & Power.

There are some who accuse certain artists to “be possessed” by Faustian forces. Could be. This artist feels possessed rather by life’s beauty though his passions. Music is a powerful force in life which we install little by little over time into our subconscious minds. A composer (or any artist) is one who mixes these installations deep down then hurls them back into the world via personal spin on this collected “possession” ; with all the acquired techniques and abilities only passion permits.

Some 25 years ago, musical interests had to be put aside. Photography, a happy accidental side talent began providing better income than teaching piano, and writing music became a little too expensive a gamble for married life with children.

As such, much of the earliest pre computer hand written scores have either been lost or remain unperformed. Then there was a brief time in the early days of personal computers with a crescendo of new compositions with the help of computers and music programs. There were several non recorded live performances, but new to the language and culture in France, and no longer in a position to study in a conservatory with resources, the only recording available was computer to amateur cassette recorders. At the end of this epoch a sort of “punk classical” opera began to take form starting with a song called : “…because, Your’ve Been Bad”. More on that as this site progresses.

We will be working on improving on these old recordings in the months ahead, add what ever results possible from live events and hereby put out a talent watch for musical collaborations : musicians, dancers, actors, etc..